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TELINVEST – Pouzdan partner na poslovima inženjeringa iz oblasti telekomunikacija.

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Project office

Studies, production programs, perspective plans, investment-technical documentation, conceptual solutions, conceptual projects, implementation projects of investment programs in the field of telecommunications, signaling and safety techniques, installation of weak and strong currents, and recording of geodetic bases and cadaster of underground installations.

Area of ​​telecommunications

In the field of telecommunication facilities and plants TELINVEST d.o.o. Sarajevo performs works on construction, installation and investment maintenance of telecommunication, signaling and security devices and plants.

Service activities

-Transport of materials, equipment and
manpower to the construction site
- Construction works
construction machinery


On our Olympic mountain Bjelasnica, we designed and built a residential apartment building with over 30 apartments.

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International projects

We offer our business on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as abroad.

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Telecommunication cables

During our many years of work, we have installed over 1000 kilometers of telecommunication cables.

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active projects
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